Nasal Blockage / Congestion

Nasal congestion, or a 'stuffy', 'blocked' or 'bunged up' nose, is one of the most common conditions often associated with colds, allergies or sinus problems.

It is caused by the membrane lining of the nose becoming inflamed and irritated, and thus an accumulation of excess mucus builds up. When the lining of the nose swells the airways become narrower and more easily blocked with mucus, making it difficult to breath through the nose.

There are numerous causes of nasal blockage ranging from a deviation of your nasal septum to nasal polyps. During your consultation we will endeavor to find the cause of your symptoms and advise about the best possible treatment options.

Sinusitis & Sinus Surgery

About sinuses

The sinuses are a combination of large and small air pockets in the face. They are connected to the inside of the nose through small openings called ostea. They help to optimise the temperature and humidity of the air reaching the lungs. The sinuses can become infected due to a variety of reasons. The symptoms usually associated are nasal obstruction, facial congestion, headaches, excessive catarrh, disturbance in the sense of smell and toothache.

Treatment of sinusitis

In most cases sinusitis can be treated effectively by medications and correcting any underlying cause such as allergies. If conservative treatment fails then surgery may be considered.

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